Chemport Europe

Chemport Europe is the name of the green chemistry ecosystem in Northern Netherlands. It consists of two integrated chemical clusters in Delfzijl and Emmen, a large knowledge cluster around the universities in Groningen and recycling expertise around Heerenveen. Within Chemport Europe, companies, knowledge institutions and governments work closely together to achieve their goal: to become a European leader in the field of green chemistry in Europe.

Sustainable energy and a good infrastructure are required to make the chemical industry more sustainable. The Northern Netherlands can offer this, because the following factors are present:

  • Local availability of green raw materials and biorefinery capacities (such as sugar)
  • Direct connection to offshore wind for sustainable energy
  • Integrated chemical production clusters
  • The seaport of Delfzijl for import and export
  • Strong R&D capabilities and human capital
  • Joint – government-supported – clear ambition

This makes it the place to be for frontrunners in the chemical industry.

Chemport Europe offers support to companies that want to shape their sustainability ambitions. This is done through knowledge sessions, network meetings and the sharing of inspiring examples.

In addition, extra attention is paid to sustainable raw materials such as polymers and other fibre-reinforced plastics (composites). These raw materials, which are left over from the processing of windmill blades, are further investigated within Chemport Europe for the possibilities for reuse.

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