Dismantling & Logistics

The dismantling and associated logistics activities are carried out by specialists. When it comes to the dismantling of wind turbines on land, the dismantling and logistics are carried out by Mammoet Nederland, Buss Wind Services and Lubbers Logistics Group. For the decommissioning of wind turbines at sea, these activities are performed by Buss Wind Services and DHSS.


Discussions are currently being held with shipping companies about the type of ship that will be used and the method of dismantling. The offshore dismantling team will therefore be expanded. The complete removal of the monopiles from the seabed is a time-consuming activity where great forces are used. It is also important what the regulations require. There have been situations in the past where the monopiles have been cut off, leaving a part of the monopile behind. It may be required by law that the foundation be completely removed.

In addition to making suitable equipment and authorized personnel available, the dismantling team will also be involved in:

  • Checking the presence of written dismantling or removal instructions
  • Carrying out site-specific risk assessment
  • Conducting route investigations and compliance with investigation results
  • Drawing up crane and transport plans
  • Organizing permits and compliance with permit measures
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Verification of compliance with prescribed protection measures
  • Providing and monitoring the permanent presence of the supervisor
  • Coordination between the involved stakeholders