Environment and site recovery

During the dismantling of the onshore wind turbines, the risks of damage to the soil and groundwater are mapped out in advance. Organizational and technical measures are defined and compliance with these measures is checked during decommissioning.

This includes handling hazardous substances and checking vehicles such as trucks, cranes and other machines for leaks with regard to lubricant and fuel loss. Decom North discusses the options for CO2 saving measures in advance with the client.

Restore location

After completion of the decommissioning activities, it will be ensured that the plots again fulfill their natural soil and original use functions. This takes into account requirements with regard to the properties of the soil and the general soil function.

Preparations for the refurbishment start with an assessment of the former building- and decommissioning permit. These may contain special requirements for the removal of wind turbines and the layout of the environment.

Decom North can play a role in this, depending on the wishes and requirements of the client. However, the responsibility for repair and refurbishment rests with the client and local authorities.