Maritime and port logistics

Removing wind turbines can be approached as a reverse installation process. After dismantling the main parts such as the blades, nacelle and rotor, the sub parts are also disassembled and transported to the receiving port.

Depending on the follow-up activity, these parts must be further disassembled, reduced in size and further separated. Specific safety and waste separation regulations apply for each type of material.

Port receipt, the shipping agency and waste separation within Eemshaven are organized by Buss Terminal Eemshaven, DHSS and Bek & Verburg. The transport of the remaining residual products to local recycling companies is carried out by Lubbers Logistics Group.

Port logistics

The reception terminal within Eemshaven has a long and wide quay with a draft of up to 11 metres. Vessels with a considerable draft can moor directly in front of the quay. The quay is suitable for carrying heavy loads.

Heavy harbor cranes, reach stackers, SPMTs and forklifts are available to lift the blades, nacelles, tower sections and foundations and move them within the terminal. Specific areas have been designated for the dismantling work where the processing takes place in a safe manner. After the first processing, the materials are taken directly to the recycling companies in the nearby region.


In order to be able to receive the ship that supervises the dismantling, a number of things must be arranged. This includes organizing customs formalities, clearing the ship, coordination with port authorities, supplies and possibly organizing tugboats. Within Decom North these matters are coordinated by DHSS.