Decom North consists of the following partners:

Buss Terminal Eemshaven

The modern equipment and the ideal location of the Buss terminal in Eemshaven make the multifunctional terminal a popular base port for offshore wind projects. The terminal has the ideal interface for offshore logistics with its direct access to the open sea. A very suitable location for all handling and short term storage for the decommissioning activities.

Lubbers Logistics Group

The many years of experience in building and dismantling drilling rigs is now being used by Lubbers for the dismantling of onshore wind turbines. The extensive truck and trailer fleet is used within Decom North to transport all materials between the onshore wind farms, Eemshaven and processing locations.


Mammoet has many years of experience in building and dismantling wind turbines. Within Decom North, Mammoet is responsible for vertical logistics and their broad logistics knowledge and expertise is made available. Mammoet has a variety of modern equipment available with very low CO2 emissions to reduce the footprint.


DHSS has been supporting its customers with offshore wind logistics for many years. As part of Decom North’s decommissioning activities, DHSS takes care of the shipping agency and helicopter services. Logistical support is also provided to the waste separation activities of Bek & Verburg.

Bek & Verburg

Bek & Verburg is an experienced specialist in the collection and separation of ship waste. From their accredited multifunctional recycling center in Eemshaven, they coordinate the collection, processing and separation of the waste that is released during the decommissioning activities.

Circular Recycling Company (CRC)

CRC is a specialist in the recycling of thermosetting composites. New basic raw materials such as recyclate, glass and carbon fiber and pyro oil are created through mechanical and chemical processing. These form the basis for manufacturing new products. This technique will be used by CRC in the dismantling activities (blades) of Decom North.

Nehlsen Group

Nehlsen Group is a specialist in collecting and processing metals and offering innovative recycling methods. Within Decom North, Nehlsen focuses on the collection and processing of all metals released during decommissioning and they offer a processing method for composites via the cement industry. In this processing, the residual product is used as a new raw material for the cement.


Demolition and dismantling of large buildings or structures is a professional job. And Beelen masters that profession. In addition to demolition and dismantling, the high-quality reuse of materials is also an important core value. When dismantling wind turbines, Beelen focuses on the demolition and processing of the concrete foundation.


Nedcam produces moulds, models, prototypes and complete products from various materials based on digital 2D and 3D designs with high-quality machines. The new basic raw materials created by mechanical and chemical processing of composites (CRC method) form the basis for Nedcam for manufacturing new products such as plugs and moulds.


Schipco is specialized in transport solutions and project management. In addition, Shipco has devised a processing method in which the new basic raw materials can be made from mechanical and chemical processing of composite (deck) planks. This circular processing will be used for Decom North.

Other partners

Innovation and sustainable development are important to Decom North. To be well-informed about the latest technologies, laws and regulations, we therefore like to stay in touch with the government, regional knowledge institutions and organizations. For example, the universities of applied sciences in Northern Netherlands have contributed to applied research and involved students in the projects through minor assignments, internships and graduation assignments.

Decom North is supported in its development by the following organizations and knowledge institutions:

• Province of Groningen

• Groningen Seaports


• Chemport Europe

• Het Schone Noorden


• European Union

• Windesheim

• NHL Stenden

• Hanze Hogeschool

• Campus Emmen / University of Groningen