Project management

Project management

The dismantling of a wind turbine must be planned and carried out systematically. This saves unexpected delays and additional costs. This preparation is also important to limit the risks that can arise during the decommissioning activities.

Decom North provides project management and executive services for the entire decommissioning process. The following steps are part of the dismantling proces:

  • Evaluation and investigation of the wind turbine(s)
  • Planning for decommissioning and removal
  • Tendering and awarding activities
  • Formal recording of tasks and responsibilities
  • Risk analyzes
  • Work preparations
  • Execution of decommissioning activities
  • Evaluation and final assessment

In order to properly prepare the project, it is important to have a clear idea beforehand how the tasks and responsibilities are divided. During the supervision of the decommissioning project, Decom North makes the following subdivision on the basis of responsibilities:

  • Owner of the wind turbine(s)
  • Dismantling & logistics service provider
  • Demolition services provider
  • Waste processor & recycling
  • company • Maritime contractor
  • (Port) authorities


The owner of the wind turbine is ultimately responsible for the decommissioning and dismantling activities to be carried out. An operating company is often present or set up especially for the decommissioning project. The operating company is usually the executive branch of an owner-owned company (and in some cases the same company), which is responsible for planning, monitoring and disposal.

If no operating company is present or does not have its own expertise, these tasks can be transferred to the Decom North project team. However, the responsibility remains with the owner of the wind turbine.

In short, Decom North can take care of the complete project management for you!